Introducing Our New Campus

Coming Soon!

Introducing BelovED’s new state-of-the-art school campus, scheduled to open in September
2027. The campus will house a 69,000-square-foot Elementary School, a 35,000-square foot Middle School, and two High Schools that total 89,000 square feet (one high school for BelovED and one for its sister school Empowerment Academy), plus an 82,000 square-foot Commons Building.

The six acre campus, overlooking the Statue of Liberty, will be located in the Canal Crossing
Redevelopment Area with Caven Point Avenue to the north, Bayview Avenue to the south and the Cinelease movie studios to the east.

The facilities will include 8 Science Labs, 4 Music Classrooms, 4 Technology Labs/Maker
Spaces, 4 Art Classrooms, 2 Pottery Kilns, a 500-seat Theater, a Film Production Studio, a
Library, Special Education and Related Services Rooms, abundant Tutoring Rooms, 2 College and Career Counseling Rooms, 3 Gymnasiums, 2 Cafeterias, 2 Children’s Playgrounds, a roof-top Athletic Field, landscaped Outdoor Plazas, and indoor Teacher Parking beneath the Commons Building.

These spaces will support top-flight humanities, social science, drama, dance, film-making and music programs; outstanding math, science, technology, robotics, electronics, CAD-based design and 3-D printing programs; champion-caliber middle and high school athletics programs, and will also host non-school hour community events, conference and tournaments.

The heavily landscaped property surrounding the buildings will create a “park-like” feel to the campus. In fact, as part of the overall redevelopment plan for the Canal Crossing
Redevelopment Area, a portion of the Morris Canal Greenway will be constructed on a
neighboring parcel adjacent to the campus driveway that feature tree and flower-bordered
bicycle and walking paths.

The children of Jersey City deserve the finest of facilities. These new facilities will be something we all can celebrate!