School Start Times


Elementary School (Grades K-5)


The doors open at 7:30 AM for breakfast. Scholars must be in their classrooms by 7:45 AM. If a scholar does not arrive by 7:50 am, s/he is considered late to school. 

 Middle School & High School (Grades 6-10)


The doors open at 8:30 am for breakfast. Scholars must be in their classrooms by 8:50 AM. If a scholar does not arrive by 8:47 am, s/he is considered late to school. 

Tardy Arrivals 


Scholars are expected to arrive at school and class on time. Being late to school takes precious educational time away from scholars, and can be disruptive to the rest of the class, and hinder their learning, as well. Therefore, tardiness should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Whenever circumstances necessitate that a scholar report to school late, the scholar’s parent/guardian must escort the scholar to the front door and sign the scholar in at the security office. Scholars will then need to obtain a late pass to be admitted to class. 

Excused Absences


The following absences will be considered excused:

  • Religious holidays approved by the state. A list of the State of New Jersey Approved Religious Holidays can be found at the NJ Department of Education website.
  • Death within the immediate family
  • Required attendance in court. 
  •  Medically verified physical or emotional illness (requires parental note with verification determination to be made by the school nurse or a doctor’s note after three consecutive days). 
  •  Participation in observance of Veterans Day.
  • “Take Our Children to Work Day.”
  • Inability to get to school because of bus transportation issues for those students who arrive by bus. 

Unexcused Absences 


On a day when an absence/lateness is for reasons other than those noted above as "excused," the day of absence/lateness is recorded as “unexcused” and goes into your child's permanent record. Please note that family vacations and other non-educational activities are not included in the list of "excused" absences above. They are considered "unexcused" absences and should be planned so they do not interfere with school attendance. Parents/guardians must assume full responsibility for all missed academic assignments, and should not expect teachers to provide work in advance of such absences. 

Please review our Family Handbook for more detailed information regarding our attendance policy. You can also email us at [email protected] for any questions.