BelovED offers its scholars an array of onsite after school activities and clubs in which they can choose to participate.  Some are led by teachers, parents and/or community members and are free.  Some are provided by outside organizations and sometimes charge a participation fee.  Teachers, parents, community members and organizations are welcome to propose and/or organize new activities and clubs for our scholars, which keeps the offerings fresh and varied.

Examples of some of the broad array of activities and clubs recently offered to our scholars include:

Alpha Minds Chess - Children can learn to play chess, continue practicing and improving their skills, and meet other children who are passionate about the game. The program is designed to take children from beginner to tournament level and guide them through the competitive process of becoming a USCF-rated chess player. 

Bambino Chef - A class for future chefs and those looking to expand their interest in cooking.  

LEGO Engineering - Scholars learn electrical engineering through the usage of legos, technology and electronics. 

Lacrosse - This clinic, offered in conjunction with Jersey City Lacrosse, teaches students the basics of Lacrosse while encouraging fitness

UTAP Acting Workshop - Scholars learn voice projection, improv, public speaking, how to be creative and confident in front of the camera and an audience. 

Little Creatives - An exciting introduction to famous artists and artworks with simple, practical projects based on the techniques used by the artist.

Intro to Guitar – Scholars learn the basic fundamentals of how to read music and play the guitar.

Basketball Clinic for Boys/ Girls – Scholars are taught the fundamentals of basketball, and participate in drills to sharpen their ball handling other basketball skills, and learn the benefit of teamwork.

Intro to Gymnastics - In this introduction to gymnastics scholars focus on developing strength and flexibility, as well as good listening skills. They were also taught how to roll, do handstands, bridges, and cartwheels. 

Cheerleading - Scholars learn teamwork via cheerleading choreographies and develop strength and flexibility.