Bus Transportation


BelovED provides transportation for students living further than half a mile from the school.


In order to receive transportation, both new and returning students must complete a transportation request form each year. 


The School also provides a downloadable app called Right Spot that allows you to track the location of your scholar’s bus.


Click here to learn more about how to download and register for RightSpot.


The app is free of charge. 


For information about chartering one of BelovED’s buses for your organization, please complete the charter request form located at this link.  


It is strongly recommended that you do not wait until August to apply for transportation. Scholars receiving transportation will receive an email in August indicating their Route Number, Bus Stop location and pick-up time.


Contact Information

For all student transportation inquiries, please contact:

Dale Waul

Transportation Coordinator

[email protected]

Phone:  (201) 630-4719

Fax:  (201) 918-6137