Board Members


Our Board of Trustees

Nicole Jackson, President Sheridan Bell, Vice President Salvatore Risalvato, Treasurer Jessica Lisboa, Chairperson of the Education Committee
Nicole Jackson
Sheridan Bell
Vice President
Salvatore Risalvato
Jessica Lisboa
Chairperson of the Education Committee
Nicole Jackson is an Operations Manager at HealthEquity, a provider of tax-advantaged employee benefits, such as consumer-directed accounts for healthcare and commuting expenses. She is also the mother of two BelovED students and a former officer of its Parents-Teacher Organization.
Sheridan Bell leads Developer Experience New Technology Incubation at Credit Suisse. He is a recent father who is passionate about quality schooling and informed by a range of educational perspectives; domestic and international. His learning pathways extend from a one room school house in Asia to Italian public school to home schooling to middle school in Washington, D.C. to higher education in Chicago. As a Jersey City resident living near BelovED, he fondly remembers his immigrant grandmother's stories of her Jersey City elementary and middle school education a century ago.  Sal Risalvato is Executive Director of the Gasoline Retailers, Convenience Store, and Automotive Association of New Jersey and is a strong believer that business should support efforts to improve public education. Jessica Lisboa is the Head of the Arts Department at North Star Academy (a member of the Uncommon Schools network) in Newark, NJ, and is a product of our Jersey City public school system.
Sam Mikhail, Board Member Kathy Mone, Board Member

Sam Mikhail
Board Member

Kathy Mone
Board Member

Sam Mikhail is CEO of Jungle Communications (a full-service boutique Advertising Agency) and Executive Editor of (a City Guide & Destination site). He has over 30 years experience in marketing, advertising, media and an extensive background in radio broadcasting. Sam has developed marketing strategy, media plans and brand support for hundreds of organizations around the country and is also very involved with many community organizations in and around Jersey City. He and his wife Francine along with their 3 kids have been proud Jersey City residents their entire lives. Kathy Mone holds a Masters in Public Administration/Education Policy from Columbia University.  She served for 22 years at the New York City Board of Education as Deputy Budget Director for Special Education and Unit Budget Director for Bronx and Manhattan Schools as well as in the Division of School Facilities.  She has also served as School Business Administrator at Elysian Charter School, Ethical Community Charter School and Hatikvah Charter School in Hoboken, NJ, and provided volunteer, pre-opening business administration support for BelovED before becoming our founding Treasurer of Public School Moneys. More recently, Ms. Mone has served as Finance Manager for Academic Affairs at the City University of New York and as a consultant with The Center for Educational Innovation.

Community Leaders Who Support Beloved

Bret Schundler, Former Mayor of Jersey City Kathryn Narramore, Assistant Professor of English at Hunter College in New York City
Bret Schundler Kathryn Narramore    
Bret Schundler, a former Mayor of Jersey City and Commissioner of Education for the State of New Jersey, has established an independent charitable organization, the Beloved Community Charter School Foundation, to raise money in support of our School.


Kathryn Narramore, an Assistant Professor of English at Hunter College in New York City and a Jersey City mother of three, was our Qualifying Founder and is now supporting the School through serving as the Beloved Community Charter School Foundation's Treasurer.