Executive Director's Message

Dear BelovED Scholars and Families,

Welcome to the New School Year!

While there is nothing unusual about starting school around this time, there is something so special about it.  Whether this is day 1 for your child entering Kindergarten or starting their Senior Year, each year is and should feel unique. Your child should grow significantly -- academically and socially -- feeling more and more confident as they get older.  For sure, there will be bumps along the way but one of our staff core values is committed to ensuring that we create a platform for your child to embrace their potential even during challenging times and start to find their voice in this world.  

We aim to prepare your child academically so they can succeed in college, and we've had much success doing that in a very short span.  Among so many great colleges, two of our seniors are headed to Ivy League schools -- Princeton and Columbia.  However, we also know that academics alone do not solely define an individual.  We are constantly in search of innovative ways to provide platforms for your child to expand their talents beyond the classroom -- whether it is offering various opportunities to play sports, select a new elective, try a new language, or join a new club.  

Indeed, we know the world of education is constantly evolving and we seek to create a BelovED Community that embraces both change and innovation because we feel -- deep in our hearts -- that your child deserves an education that prepares them for today's and tomorrow's world.  

We are incredibly excited to get started and start the 2023-2024 journey with our BelovED families!

To a great and unique year,
Our BelovED Team