Why Beloved

Why BelovED?

At BelovED Community Charter School, we accept responsibility – “no excuses” – for helping your child develop the kind of values, skills, knowledge, confidence and character that will propel them to success in school, in college and their career, and to the living of a happy, contributory life.
A key feature of BelovED is its caring school climate – a climate that makes students feel cared about and results in their caring about others, also.  Children learn more when they love school – and they most often love a school when they feel welcomed and cared about at the school.
We combine our commitment to your child and caring school climate with a data-driven instructional approach that consistently produces superior learning.  (See Proven Success.)   

And we infuse our curriculum with values and character education that encourages our scholars to value themselves, their family, community, and world, and to find happiness in developing their capacities and then using them to make a positive contribution to every community of which they are a part.

Students become partners in our educational mission, not merely its target.  We engage students in peer tutoring and service, and in improving student life through Student Life Organizations where they learn to be leaders and to take initiative, and where they gain confidence in, and enjoy, their ability to positively contribute.

Ours is an ambitious mission.  To facilitate success, we pay close attention to each child’s progress using sophisticated measurement tools that enable us to address each child’s particular needs. 

 Moreover, each child receives school wide support.  You don’t have just a single teacher working to help your child.   You have a team of professionals supporting your child’s teachers and directly providing your child with customized assistance.

To provide extra time for vital learning and fun activities, BelovED features a longer-than-average school day.  Following breakfast for eligible students at 7:35 am, our school day runs from 8:00 am to 3:45 for our lower grade levels, and from 8:30 to 4:00 pm for our high grade levels.

BelovED also offers after school activities and tutoring for students.

And for parents who work until 5 pm and want a safe and supportive place for their children, we provide Aftercare that last until 5:30 pm.   

Importantly, BelovED is one of the only charter schools in Jersey City that offers primary, upper elementary, middle school and high school grade levels.

We are also one of the only charter schools that offers free bus transportation from and to every neighborhood in Jersey City.

Finally, BelovED is unique in that all of its school buildings are beautiful, newly constructed, cutting-edge school facilities.

And it's facilities are immediately adjacent to Gateway Field, a wonderful  municipal athletic complex, enabling our scholars to enjoy physical education during good weather days on a field – not just in a gymnasium or on an asphalt school yard, as is the case at almost every other school building in Jersey City.

At BelovED, we’ll be working hard to give your children the very best start in life possible – and we think you will love the school.

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