Diversity Week at BelovED

Diversity Week at BelovED
Posted on 06/10/2021

In the first week of June at BelovED, we celebrated our first ever Diversity Week!

Jersey City is known across the country for its diversity and our scholars and staff are a great representation of that reputation. To celebrate Diversity Week, we took to our social media pages to share all of the wonderful people and cultures represented in our community. On Friday, June 4, we had a Diversity Dress Down Day and invited all of our community members to wear clothing that represented their diversity.  The hallways were filled with colors of all of the nations and scholars in traditional clothing, sports jerseys and American flag t-shirts. Countries from all across the world were being celebrated in our community right here on Grand St. in Jersey City! 

BelovED is very proud to be one of the most diverse schools in the city and we will always celebrate such an awesome characteristic!


Two Students celebrating diversity


German Teacher

Diversity Week