Elementary Spelling Bee

Elementary Spelling Bee
Posted on 01/26/2022

In January, our 2-5 scholars participated in our Elementary Spelling Bee! Each homeroom hosted their own Spelling Bee to determine their representative for the Elementary Spelling Bee.  On January 26, 18 elementary scholars competed in a competitive Spelling Bee. It came down to three final scholars. 2nd grader Atharva Sharma, 4th grader Zayan Mubashir and 5th grader Aditii Karthik competed for the top three spots in the Spelling Bee. In the end of the intense competition, the finalist were:

1st Place- Zayan Mubashir

2nd Place- Atharva Sharma

3rd Place- Adittii Karthik

Zayan went on to compete against our middle school champion, 8th grader Shrihan Chourikar. Both scholars were extremely prepared for the final Spelling Bee and demonstrated our core value of Hard Work as they battled for BelovED’s Spelling Bee spot in the county bee.  In the end, Shrihan was the winner and BelovED is so proud of the effort Zayan made in the contest. We look forward to seeing Shrihan compete in the county bee and to the future spelling bees with all of our bright scholars! Good luck Shrihan!